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Are you one of those people who constantly writes down these “goals” and lists of things you want to accomplish, but months go by and you look up and it’s...

Are you one of those people who constantly writes down these “goals” and lists of things you want to accomplish, but months go by and you look up and it’s still not your reality? Well, Welcome to your 90-day year!

The #ShEO Planner is a 90-day action planning and goal-crushing system that helps you map out concrete action steps to achieve in 12-weeks what you would normally put off for a full year. It is an accelerated outline of goals, tasks, and strategy that holds you accountable and forces you to take daily action toward your goals and dreams. By the time you reach the end of your #ShEO Planner, you should see a clear indication of progress and measurable success.

The 90-day blueprint is the same strategy I use to take my business clients from idea to launch. It is the perfect timeframe to plan, execute and test/measure any idea. Using the tools in this book, plus the additional resources we provide, you will be well on your way to CRUSHING your 2019 goals.


+ Daily Page Layout(undated) with Top Priorities, Success Rituals, A Brand Checklist, Schedule and Gratitude/Celebration Section(don’t forget to celebrate those small wins, it motivates you to keep going😉)

+ Passion & Purpose Questionnaire, that helps you to define what your DREAM LIFE looks like

+ Vision Board Pages, to help you visualize your dream life, live and in color(you gotta see it to believe it😍)

+ Your 90-day Manifestation Manifesto, to help you set your intentions for the next 90-days

+ A Monthly Calendar Spread, to highlight milestones/events taking place over the next 30 days

+ Monthly Goal-setting Spread, to help you outline your business, self-care and financial goals for the next 30-days while carving out a little time to sew a seed(pay-it-forward)

+ Monthly Marketing Goals Worksheet, to help you plan out your social/digital marketing and campaign ideas for the month. Set intentions on the number of monthly subscribers, website visitors and email subs you want to have, as well as creative campaign ideas to engage your audience and get new business.

+ Last, but not least, Weekly and Monthly Trackers and Checklists, to remind you of those “must-do” tasks and keep you accountable to those goals you set at the beginning of the month. 


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